Ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta
Male (neutered)
Born: ~ April 2010
Arrival: 12 October 2021
Current group-mates: Introductions in progress - stay tuned!

On October 12th, Google arrived at the Prosimian Sanctuary for the first day of his new life! He is an 11-year-old Ring-tailed lemur brought to us by his loving owner and long-time EPF donor, Nancy Raposa. For over a decade Nancy has provided Google with a level of care that is uncommon in the pet trade, giving him excellent nutrition, enrichment, and medical care, but they both need more. Nancy needs to live without the threat of injury to herself and other pets, and Google needs to live in a natural social group with his own kind. Upon his arrival at the sanctuary, Google immediately took interest in the other lemurs. He has a lot to learn about lemur social dynamics so we are taking his introduction process slowly, but he is settling in great, has discovered the comfort of sleeping in hammocks, and enjoys exploring a large outdoor habitat.


Google has the biggest fan club. We are truly grateful to Nancy Raposa, Susan and Stephen Raposa, Pam Borges, Nancy Hartnett, and Joanne Braz for their donations to support Google's ongoing care at the Prosimian Sanctuary!