Ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta
Male (vasectomized)
Born: ~April 2016
Arrival: 12 Oct 2021
Current Group-mates: Introductions in progress - stay tuned!

Rocket is the newest resident at the Prosimian Sanctuary, arriving the same day as Google on October 12th. In June he was confiscated in California, where pet lemurs are illegal, and subsequently cared for by an AZA accredited zoo. Lemurs from the pet trade typically cannot be integrated into managed populations at AZA zoos due to multiple factors, including unknown genetics and behavioral deficiencies. Instead, Rocket flew cross-country to us for specialized care. He is adjusting to the new environment and eating well. Like most lemurs from the pet trade, Rocket has some psychological issues that we are currently treating. We have not yet found a lemur we could not help with behavioral rehabilitation and integrate into a natural group and are dedicated to doing all we can to make sure Rocket is not the first!  

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