Ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta
Female (spayed)
Born: 27 May 2014
Arrival: 5 Nov 2016
Current group-mates: Sebastian, Marley, Raffi

Julianne was originally surrendered to Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples, Florida. She had been kept as a pet but had become aggressive. Shy Wolf had no other lemurs to socialize her with, so they brought her to the Prosimian Sanctuary. Although she was not sure about the other lemurs at first, having never seen others like herself before, she quickly adjusted. Julianne even became a surrogate mother to an orphaned lemur, Sour Patch, who arrived just a week after her. 

Many thanks to John and Taffy Williams for being Julianne's Hero and sponsoring her 2021 expenses!


Julianne's spay surgery, performed while she was a pet, was filmed for a documentary aired on Animal Planet.