Layla was the first Ring-tailed lemur to become a resident of EPF's Prosimian Sanctuary. She was born into the pet trade and had four different "owners" in less than 5 years. At one of those homes, she lost two fingers to some wolves that she was housed next to. Someone also had all of her canine and incisor teeth removed to prevent human injuries. Despite all the adversity Layla faced prior to finding safe haven with us, she is now thriving and considered one of the most behaviorally normal lemurs at the sanctuary. She is the dominant female in her group, is the surrogate mother of Oops!, and is strongly bonded to Sam.  

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Ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta

Female (spayed)

Born: ~April 2009

Arrival: 14 Nov 2013

Current Group-mates: Sam, Oliver, Oops!

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