Ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta

Male (neutered)


Arrival: Soon!


Louis was purchased from an exotic animal show.  His owners intended to simply pick up some new toys for their parrot when they saw Louis being mishandled by a salesperson.  Concerned for the health and safety of the tiny, infant lemur, they purchased him immediately.  After securing his physical safety, Louis's owners set out to learn as much as possible about lemurs.  As their knowledge grew, they became increasingly concerned about meeting Louis's social and emotional needs.  Ring-tailed lemurs are highly social, live in large extended family groups, and are rarely far from other lemurs.  Louis's owners reached out to EPF's Prosimian Sanctuary to see if we had a social group that Louie could call his family.  Louie is scheduled to arrive sometime during this summer and, after a quarantine period, will be carefully and incrementally introduced to other lemurs to find the best group for him.  Stay tuned!


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