Ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta

Male (neutered)

Born: ~April 2015

Arrival: 11 August 2020


Mo was surrendered to the sanctuary by his caring family, who wanted him to have an appropriate environment and other lemur friends. When he arrived, Mo struggled to socialize with other lemurs. Lemurs, like humans, learn social behaviors early. Because many pet primates are separated from their mothers and other group members at a young age, they do not get an opportunity to learn appropriate social behaviors. Mo was also overweight, another common problem among pet lemurs. With a veterinarian-supervised diet and keeper-supervised incremental social interactions, Mo is now thriving and is the leader of a trio that includes Bash and KJ.

Mo's 2021 care expenses are 25% covered by his generous sponsor, Brad Rapp. Will you join Mo's team of heroes?