Red-fronted lemur, Eulemur rufifrons
Born: ~April 2007
Arrival: 21 August 2010
Current Group-mates: Layla, Oliver, Oops!

Sam and his older brother Sebastian were the first lemurs to become residents of EPF's Prosimian Sanctuary. Both were born into the pet trade in south Florida and purchased by the same family (at different times), who kept them until they became unmanageable and began attacking people. Sam and Sebastian are no longer very compatible, so they live in different groups most of the time but can see each other from a distance. Sam is very compatible with most of the Ring-tailed lemurs and has a special bond with Layla.


Sam's 2021 care expenses are 100% covered by the many generous donors and friends of Tracy Fenn's Birthday Bash.  Thank you all so much!