Sour Patch

Ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta
Male (vasectomized)
Born: ~April 2016
Arrival: 12 Nov 2016
Transfer to DART: 8 January 2021

Sour Patch was an orphan anonymously abandoned on the doorstep of a gentleman in New Jersey (a state where pet lemurs are illegal), with nothing but a short note including his name and age. Wanting to provide him with an appropriate environment and socialization, the man brought him to the Prosimian Sanctuary at about 7 months of age. He was fearful of the other lemurs at first and clung to sanctuary personnel for comfort, but after less than one week, Julianne adopted him and became his surrogate mother. In January 2021, Sour Patch transferred to our partner organization, Duette Animal Rescue Team, with Lulu and Momo. They continue to thrive in professional care there. 


Duette Animal Rescue Team (DART)