Ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta
Female (spayed)
Born: 29 Mar 2013
Arrival: 10 Jun 2018
Current Group-mate: Mango

Zazu was born at a pet trade breeder's facility in Tampa, Florida and sold to a Miami, Florida woman when she was just 5 months old. About 2 months later, she started over-grooming the back of her right thigh. A veterinarian told the owner “primates just do that” and no further medical assessment or treatment was provided.


In April 2018, the owner contacted EPF seeking placement for Zazu due to moving to California (a state where pet nonhuman primates are illegal). When she arrived two months later, she was not using her right leg at all while walking, unable to leap, and there was a very large wound on the back of her right thigh. She spent most of her time in a hammock, rarely getting up to move around.


The wound on the back of her right thigh was extensive. A remarkable amount of scar tissue had fused Zazu's leg at a 90 degree angle, explaining why she was not using the leg. Zazu received specialized physical and behavioral rehabilitation. To relieve the self-injurious behavior, she was put on pain and anxiety medications and introduced to a social companion. Providing large outdoor habitats allowed her to naturally exercise the limb, gradually stretching out the scar tissue. About one year later and without surgery, Zazu was able to use her leg to walk, run, and leap again! She continues to require special care and is strongly bonded to Mango. 


Many thanks to Zazu's Friend, Brigitte Ivory, for covering 25% of Zazu's 2021 expenses! You can join Brigitte in helping Zazu by sponsoring today.