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Karl and Scottie Sebree Legacy

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Their Story

Karl and Scottie Sebree were family friends of EPF's Founder. They became donors in 2010, having learned about our important work providing sanctuary for lemurs from the pet trade and other inappropriate environments. After 62 years of devoted marriage, Scottie passed away in 2016, at the age of 83. Karl carried on the couple's generous support of EPF's Prosimian Sanctuary. He started sponsoring Ring-tailed lemur Oops in 2018, covering all of her annual care expenses. Karl chose Oops because he loved her name. In the years that followed, Karl enjoyed hearing stories about Oops and her group and receiving tokens of our appreciation, such as a plush lemur blanket, lemur socks, and a beautiful canvas photo of Oops. He would proudly show off his lemur garb to everyone in his retirement community. 


On December 3, 2021, Karl passed away at the age of 89 years. A significant gift that Karl left EPF in his trust has allowed us to start working on expanding through land purchase and the development of a bigger, better Prosimian Sanctuary. Karl and Scottie Sebree were, and continue to be, true lemur heroes and their philanthropy has secured the future of our organization. EPF is forever grateful to them. Their generosity and compassion enriched the lives of the Prosimian Sanctuary lemurs and made them champions of primate welfare in human care and in the wild. 


Stay tuned for exciting news about EPF's growth and development, thanks to the Sebree legacy! 

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