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Brown Lemur

Thank You

Your support provides high quality care for the residents of the Prosimian Sanctuary. The success stories below are your dollars making a difference!


Appropriate Nutrition

Donations buy foods like fresh produce and primate chow for our specialized lemur diets to help former pet lemurs adjust to a healthy diet, often after many years of inappropriate nutrition. Marley and Lulu no longer eat human foods like hamburgers and marshmallows!


Mental Health Care

Donations provide an ongoing supply of anti-anxiety, anti-stress supplements to help lemurs with chronic stereotypic or self-injurious behaviors developed while they were pets. Zazu stopped over-grooming and self-wounding with these! 


Physical Rehabilitation

Donations allowed us to construct habitats of varying sizes and complexities to aid in physical rehabilitation. After years of confinement to bird cages, Momo and Zazu gradually rebuilt their muscles and learned to climb and leap again! 

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